Animals FAIL! II

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  • Betty White

    Posted on Sunday, 12th of February 2012

    And by the way, at least Keith knows how to accually TYPE A SENTENCE IN ENGLISH. --This is NOT a sentence: u r so stupid! ur sarcasm is crap. lolz! -- Half those words aren't even real and most people who went to school for HALF of their 3rd grade year can't read that and can write WAAY better than that. : )

  • Betty White

    Posted on Sunday, 12th of February 2012

    Kay...... is noob even a word? And emo people are awesome, I'm not one, but I am best friends with one, so you can shut up about that. And stop pickin' on Keith. He's just someone tryin' to say somethin' cool about sharks. Ya'll can stop with the whole pick on, bully thing. It's not cool, it's not funny, it's stupid and if you post it, I guess you just might be heade to the stoney lonesome. Cyberbullying is illegal in some states. If you're not from the U.S., I don't care it's still not nice. >:)

  • hi

    Posted on Monday, 5th of July 2010

    jaws the movie

  • annoy

    Posted on Monday, 12th of April 2010

    The shark pic is from a national geographic study of great whites. If I remember correctly it was actually taken off the coast of Africa.

  • Keith... is a noob

    Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of February 2010

    LOL! You're dumb Keith, no-one cares about the facts at the moment. We on this site because we are bored, alone, or despressed (if you're all of the above that means you're Emo). And we want to LAUGH! LOL I LAUGH AT YOU!

  • usaf

    Posted on Saturday, 19th of December 2009

    keith gets an essay fail

  • Gosh

    Posted on Thursday, 19th of November 2009

    Keith fails for leaving a pointless essay

  • Keith

    Posted on Friday, 9th of October 2009

    Uh.... pretty sure it wouldn't matter to the shark if you turned away or were facing it- if it want's to check you out it will (though for me the last place I would want to get bit would be the face, but facing him you might be able to put a futile fight). I'm not saying a scouting mission from a shark wouldn't suck, but more then likely this shark would take a bit out of the kayak, realize it wasn't food and swim away- terrifying the kayak-er but leaving him intact (probably). I'm sure you're a shark expert Hater, and if you aren't I'm sure you're going to go right on thinking it's everybody else whose ignorant. ENJOY!

  • aaron

    Posted on Tuesday, 6th of October 2009

    Sharks do attack kayaks, there was an incident in Sydney a few months ago where a kayaker was attacked. This photo was of a bloke who regularly interacted with this particlular shark. He was not a research scientist, just a keen kayaker.

  • ignorance hater

    Posted on Sunday, 27th of September 2009

    thank you keith, i was not aware of that tid bit of shark info. i will always turn my back when a shark comes at me. ill be safe now

  • Keith

    Posted on Friday, 25th of September 2009

    Sharks don't attack from behind like that (normally)- he's just on a scouting mission. If he was coming from the BOTTOM then yes, the guy in the kayak would be fucked

  • dt

    Posted on Sunday, 23rd of August 2009

    That last one is real its of shark researchers they found the sharks don't bother kayaks (tested w/ human-less kayaks first lol) so they can observe sharks up close. I read this on snopes i think its a real photo.

  • justine

    Posted on Monday, 29th of June 2009

    Xander- your a fail George-Cat of the Jungle really did it take you that long to figure that one out

  • br33br33

    Posted on Friday, 19th of June 2009

    Just the fact that the last one is on here is a FAIL

  • rob

    Posted on Tuesday, 24th of March 2009

    um, sorry but the last one is NOT true.

  • E and H

    Posted on Friday, 20th of March 2009


  • lovestobark

    Posted on Sunday, 15th of March 2009

    Jaws IV coming out soon to Fail

  • fucker

    Posted on Monday, 9th of March 2009

    is that last pic rea; if it is hes fucked!!!

  • Xander

    Posted on Wednesday, 4th of February 2009

    tarzan cat should be George-Cat of the Jungle

  • marko

    Posted on Saturday, 10th of January 2009

    Last one i dont think its real it looks like pool :D

  • inanna

    Posted on Monday, 22nd of December 2008

    lol. the last pic. yea i was there when i saw that. it was tooken in hawaii. theres one thats similar to this one thats photoshoped. im positive that this is the real one

  • india

    Posted on Friday, 7th of November 2008

    ha ha

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