People FAIL! VI

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  • cow vs cow head

    Posted on Friday, 22nd of October 2010

    dont jump in a pool with no water if you do you are the biggest loser and you suck cause its just stuiped and just dumb ps you all suck cause im better then you all and dont comment about this if you do ill kill you so dont or else pss ill kill you all cause i can and i will ok psss dont think i cant kill you cause i can

  • The Girl on the picture

    Posted on Saturday, 2nd of October 2010

    ErRuuuuuhhhhhh? Whazzit that komputer shystem?

  • Plaa

    Posted on Friday, 14th of May 2010

    OMG! guy gets hit in balls. must have hurt heaps even with box

  • Anangrymuffin

    Posted on Wednesday, 18th of November 2009

    Jeshua, you are right. fuck that fail.

  • Harry

    Posted on Monday, 21st of September 2009

    that base ball 1 wood hurt alot this cumin from a guy

  • Jeshua

    Posted on Monday, 21st of September 2009

    The pool one is an obvious fake. The guy's back has the blue of a swimming pool full of water reflected on it.

  • MoonHeart

    Posted on Thursday, 3rd of September 2009

    Dude must have gotten hurt diving into that pool...

  • tommy

    Posted on Saturday, 11th of July 2009

    Lol Fail... Like its 1999

  • diabolical simian

    Posted on Friday, 19th of June 2009

    the woman with the huge floppy disk. Probably looking for the cup holder! zOMG

  • Your mom

    Posted on Wednesday, 27th of May 2009

    The Mets Suck

  • stacie

    Posted on Wednesday, 22nd of April 2009

    great way to pass out, in a place that smells like piss

  • Mitchell

    Posted on Tuesday, 31st of March 2009

    The top one is a classic, what a great place to pass out.

  • Xander

    Posted on Wednesday, 4th of February 2009

    That baseball one... That's a beaning hahahaha!!!

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