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  • Name

    Posted on Sunday, 14th of November 2010

    This site fails, two pages, same content. Didn't used to be that way. Lol, fail

  • noname

    Posted on Saturday, 2nd of October 2010

    Great Jesus Skydivin'

  • hi

    Posted on Monday, 5th of July 2010

    if u comment u fail... oh no i fail

  • Kung Fu action Jesus

    Posted on Monday, 28th of December 2009


  • Maddiee

    Posted on Saturday, 14th of November 2009

    LMAO The Boat Is The Shit ! :D

  • Barda

    Posted on Monday, 25th of May 2009

    Sh*t I failed

  • barda

    Posted on Monday, 25th of May 2009

    This website is part fail that's the third time they've showed these pics

  • Mike

    Posted on Sunday, 28th of December 2008

    This is the same as VII xD

  • Bob

    Posted on Thursday, 4th of December 2008

    This made me laugh so hard

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