People FAIL! X

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  • yoyo

    Posted on Sunday, 17th of October 2010

    ok question on #1 who was around to take that pic and y rnt they helping?

  • hi

    Posted on Monday, 5th of July 2010

    fail and fail and fail and fail and fail and FAIL lol

  • Bill Jonah

    Posted on Sunday, 25th of April 2010

    epic fail bridge wasted 500 million$

  • Rachel and Caitlin

    Posted on Thursday, 1st of October 2009

    I wouldn't want to be on that boat! Wouldn't you be annoyed if you bought that seat for a baseball game?! And that bridge definitely FAILS.

  • domeng

    Posted on Sunday, 7th of June 2009

    is the 2nd photo really happened?

  • ATJ31

    Posted on Sunday, 10th of May 2009

    The ship had an intake pump failure and when the water was exchanged before entering American waters one side became much lighter then the other.

  • Mitchell

    Posted on Tuesday, 31st of March 2009

    normally it would only flip like that on extremely stormy weather like hurricane weather. but there doesn't seem to be much waves.

  • j

    Posted on Thursday, 5th of March 2009

    Wow, how does the boat get on that angle?

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