People FAIL! XII

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  • The Online Dating Book

    Posted on Saturday, 9th of October 2010

    Interesting place to park the car... ROFL

  • Bill Jonah

    Posted on Sunday, 25th of April 2010

    star trek 2nd one

  • jawnzzzzzzz the munky

    Posted on Tuesday, 29th of December 2009

    hmm i like chicken nuggets ant tater tots

  • Christopher

    Posted on Saturday, 12th of December 2009

    Re: Pool with vehicle. The caption should read.... " No Hurry buddy it's just my wife in the car."

  • May

    Posted on Wednesday, 18th of November 2009

    Ha, that has happened to me before. lol .

  • Caitlin

    Posted on Thursday, 1st of October 2009

    he he.... wtf is wth all them piccies? ):|

  • Rachel and Caitlin

    Posted on Thursday, 1st of October 2009

    George Bush might have to check his brain is working properly before he picks up the phone... How the hell did the car get in the pool?! :P


    Posted on Friday, 18th of September 2009


  • haha

    Posted on Thursday, 17th of September 2009

    Just leaving a comment so i can answer the question :)

  • Becky

    Posted on Monday, 24th of August 2009

    Wow Jim... are you a 16 year old boy that hasn't learned any respect for anyone yet? Whore? Fag? Not that my 16 yo nephew would be so abusive just because someone said something that he doesn't agree with. I feel sorry for anyone who knows you and may disagree. I am also hoping you don't talk to them like that.

  • Jim Smith

    Posted on Saturday, 22nd of August 2009

    Sandy, shut the fuck up you ugly whore..

  • Jim Smith

    Posted on Saturday, 22nd of August 2009

    Dean, you are a little fag.

  • AL97

    Posted on Wednesday, 10th of June 2009

    speed of light one lol nothing happened to the shutle thing wen it said shutle tragety

  • Ɯberkewl

    Posted on Friday, 15th of May 2009

    My partner would kill me if I parked the car in the pool >< lol FAIL!

  • Rory

    Posted on Sunday, 26th of April 2009

    haha! most of these comments are fails...come on people!!

  • Fckthelemonsandbail

    Posted on Saturday, 18th of April 2009

    The speed of light one is a fail because of 2 reasons: 1) the laws of physics do not allow anything to go faster than the speed of light 2)human beings cannot even get close to going 1X the speed of light. I'm sure they meant the speed of sound.

  • jake

    Posted on Friday, 10th of April 2009

    all of the pics r photoshopped cept hilary

  • allysin

    Posted on Thursday, 9th of April 2009

    i really don't get the speed of light one... i fail. :D

  • Dean

    Posted on Wednesday, 8th of April 2009

    who cares if its edited bush is still dumb enough to do that

  • Harry

    Posted on Friday, 3rd of April 2009

    The phone cord, and the car, were edited.

  • Celeste

    Posted on Monday, 16th of March 2009

    Yeah... When I said "Carpool".... That's not exactly what I meant...

  • sandy

    Posted on Wednesday, 18th of February 2009


  • Jag

    Posted on Sunday, 11th of January 2009

    the last one is photoshoped........i hope

  • Mike

    Posted on Sunday, 28th of December 2008

    How would you even get the car in the pool with no damage???

  • Levi

    Posted on Monday, 22nd of December 2008

    lmao 18 times the speed of light

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