Stuffs FAIL! IV

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  • Sreehari

    Posted on Sunday, 26th of March 2017


  • ZRO

    Posted on Wednesday, 21st of April 2010

    you dirty pile of brit s**t: i agree with you on the world thing, and brit, you are right the economy sucks. but you guys, think like family. the economy is bad, so people have to scam to get money... its not fair to blame anyone.

  • i cant tell you my real name

    Posted on Tuesday, 30th of March 2010

    hey brit EPIC FAIL ON YOUR LANGUAGE you put prove in there when it should be PROOF! and you should look into things before you talk you idiot...

  • SEO Consultant

    Posted on Saturday, 30th of January 2010

    The USB picture is priceless. This is why you shouldn't buy this type of stuff on EBAY.

  • fucker

    Posted on Tuesday, 22nd of December 2009

    why do yu fuck each other Brit and japhater

  • ignorance hater

    Posted on Monday, 21st of September 2009

    yea it is, you should contribute :)

  • LMAO

    Posted on Monday, 21st of September 2009

    Fuck all of the "fail" pictures; reading all of the asinine comments here, is so much more entertaining.

  • ignorance hater

    Posted on Sunday, 20th of September 2009

    Brit, Shut the fuck up because when you speak you sound like a 12 year old ignorant child that is getting facts from Mommy and Daddy. i think you should only speak about things your brain can comprehend. Thanks for wasting time to ruin everybody's day with ignorance.

  • you dirty pile of brit shit

    Posted on Tuesday, 18th of August 2009

    Hey Brit. You are a stupid fuck. I think if there were Japanese planes bombing us at Pearl Harbor and a fleet of Japanese ships not to far away then I think that any person who doesn't have shit for brains can assume that they god damn attacked us! (Stupid British cunt). And Japhater, many white, black, mexican and asian people scam. That is what the world is today. A bag of fucking lies. You went just a little too far with the Japanese thing.

  • Brit

    Posted on Sunday, 2nd of August 2009

    Japhater: Shut the fuck up, where do you think most of the things in your house come from? Japan, bomb them and you are fucked. Btw, there is no prove that the Japs attacked you at Pearl Har. But there is prove that the American economy was failing at the time, and what better way to bring a country out of that than war? Look into things before you talk you American cunt.

  • japhater

    Posted on Friday, 8th of May 2009

    Fucking japanese....first the attack on us in 1940-1945 and now scamming? We seriously need to bomb them again....or at least the scammers.....

  • dolahase

    Posted on Saturday, 14th of March 2009

    the last one it the best

  • lollol

    Posted on Tuesday, 17th of February 2009

    ha ha

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