People FAIL! XIV

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  • vic

    Posted on Sunday, 7th of March 2010

    geez observer quit being a damn party pooper. shit just look at the damn pictures and just laugh instead of just ruining the moment i want to see you put some fail pictures up. Oh wait they might be lame like your lame ass.

  • FuckYouAll.

    Posted on Wednesday, 17th of February 2010

    ◦Akoni Ryler, before YOU start judging people's spelling. Know that you spelt "attempt" wrong. Considering Observer typed all that and only made a few mistakes, and you just typed out one or two sentences and looked like a dumbass by being a hypocrite, why don't you go fuck yourself. Just because Observer made a good point and you didn't, doesn't mean the next best thing for you to do is to pick out all the spelling flaws made. Seriously, grow up, children. It's the internet, not a grammar/spelling test.

  • Observer.Slap.

    Posted on Wednesday, 23rd of December 2009

    OBSERVER, it's spelled grammar, not grammer. You dumb fuck!

  • Akoni Ryler

    Posted on Friday, 27th of November 2009

    To "OBSERVER" HaHa, BACKGROUND is one word, not two...HAHA you Failed at your lame attepmt to make a "message rampage" so I guess....ur a douche! So suck on that! A.K.A: double check your OWN spelling before you judge others :)

  • Another Observer

    Posted on Thursday, 19th of November 2009

    Pic#3... One of the protesters cars!


    Posted on Wednesday, 18th of November 2009

    NONE of you know which picture the other person is talking about. All of you are "Grammer Fail" All of you are "Spelling Fail" All of you are "Puncuation Fail" Let me decipher the above pictures for you. From the top picture start counting downward one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven to the bottom picture. Picture 1: Is a fail because that particular demographic group is protesting in Corpus Christi, Texas for equal rights and pay and general acceptance in main stream society. While attempting to "spell-out" the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King of "I Have A Dream", you can clearly see that the protester on the left has a "DRA EM" while the one on the right "DE RAM". I don't know what draem or a deram is but I knew how to spell dream in third grade. This clearly shows they have a third grade education, at best! The first thing an employer looks for is spelling and grammer... Except for McDonalds. HOWEVER, I might be jumping to conclusions. The protester on the right just might have the David Bowie album titled "The Deram Anthology" but impossible 'cause it was released in 1997. And the one on the left could be part of the "deviantART" community. Doubt it! Picture 2: Your parents wish they could exchange you before you have a sex change. Picture 3: A red-neck side view mirror. So! Picture 4: Let me listen to what I'm telling you. Picture 5: Looks like a staged picture to me. Picture 6: The one you are all afraid to talk about. There is no fail about a woman using a sexual pleasure device, better known as a "dildo", for her to achieve maximum orgasmic pleasure. It's a lot more fun when the man uses it on the woman. What would be a fail is if the batteries are dead!! Picture 7: The dude in the back ground just walked out of the room with the girl in picture 6. He wore those batteries down to the last moan. XANDER: Tell me that your joking if you think Myspace and Face Book (you have dislexia) are "family" sites. TORI: WHAT??!! wow y arent ppl arent understanding the third one... OLGA: Self tanner bottles work pretty well too. They just have batteries. Have a great day everyone.

  • Hidrax

    Posted on Wednesday, 18th of November 2009

    Olga, it's not a selftannerbottle.. It's a dildo -_-

  • Olga

    Posted on Sunday, 1st of November 2009

    The one with the girl, and the self tanner bottle, its not really a fail.

  • dumb people

    Posted on Saturday, 31st of October 2009

    u people are freaking dumb if u dont get teh 3rd one

  • hi

    Posted on Saturday, 31st of October 2009


  • tori

    Posted on Wednesday, 28th of October 2009

    wow y arent ppl arent understanding the third one...

  • Lizzy

    Posted on Thursday, 15th of October 2009

    I have a deram too!!

  • Rebecca

    Posted on Thursday, 3rd of September 2009

    I dont get the 3rd one.... :P

  • omg

    Posted on Tuesday, 30th of June 2009

    bob learn to count they are talking about the 3rd one... the one with the dildo not the 4th one that is a fail so how about u stfu

  • bob

    Posted on Friday, 26th of June 2009

    wow... you ae both retarded, its the 4'th you are talking about, not the third..... fuck you are stupid.

  • roflcopter

    Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of June 2009

    sorry ur a rtard, matt. (grammer fail)

  • roflcopter

    Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of June 2009

    matt ur an rtard

  • Überkewl

    Posted on Friday, 15th of May 2009

    matt, the 3rd is a fail coz of the dude all by his lonesome.

  • Xander

    Posted on Wednesday, 4th of February 2009

    It is if that's gonna be posted on a family site (myface, Spacebook), or sent to her family

  • matt

    Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of December 2008

    i would not say they third is a fail

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